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We have Hay and Trucks ready to ship TODAY!

Call for current pricing as the market is moving so quickly!

Call today as supplies are going fast...you must have means to unload!

4x5 Net Wrapped!

Available net wrapped (we recommend they are tarped for transport).


Minimum order of full 48' flatbed per order approximately 42

due to the size of bales or we can get 46 in a semi box van.


$65.00 a bail!!* plus shipping costs



Pure Coastal irrigated and fertilized (no weeds) two string bales now available!

525 in a 53' dry van to Houston, TX for easy loading and unloading)

two string bales of Fescue only $8.00 a bale. *plus shipping

Minimum order is full truckload of 525 bales.





This is the pure, fertilized, and irrigated Coastal that we are bringing in from Florida!