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We have Hay and Trucks ready to ship TODAY!

Call for current pricing as the market is moving so quickly!

Call today as supplies are going fast...you must have means to unload!

Minimum order of full 53' flatbed per order.

MINIMUM 63 BALES PER ORDER (only way to keep it cost effective) 3x3x8 Bales recently cut (typically) $175.00 per bale (delivered)*, ** including delivery (within reasonable distances to central Texas, shipping is outrageous due to the cost of fuel and long distance to get load to you)  Roughly 690-700lbs per bale.   *Plus additional shipping costs if applicable **

Prairie Grass is fresh cut mostly Blue Stem (little and big) Indian Grass, Buffalo Grass, low weeds...pictured top left and right.



We also have, 5 x 5.5' round bales of Prairie and Brome available as pictured  (left and right middle)... call for pricing.

our inventory is moving so fast. Roughly 1500-1700lbs per bale for the big rounds (Brome).  We can only get 30-34 bales on a trailer. Please no brokers! We only work directly with farmers and ranchers! Call us at 713.589.4809 for current pricing as the market is moving so quickly!



Alfalfa Bales

Pricing the Alfalfa now FRESH CUT... call for current market rate!


When you email:

Please include if you are a buyer, seller, or hauler first.

Then your town or closest town to you, state, zip code and phone number.

Then what your are looking for or have available today, type of hay and how you want it baled.


Thank you!  buyorsell@thehayconnection.com